I’m so greatful that God doesn’t require perfection…I would be doomed. Pride is such a dangerous thing and I fall victim to it often. Whether I fall when no one is looking or in front of people I always fall. Always lying to myself, deceiving myself by thinking I know what’s best for me. Lord, I’m trying to enjoy the seasons but I hate change and want to be in control. Interesting the path I chose because I admitted I didn’t know what was best and surrendered control. My actions sometimes say that I want to go back on the decision and I wonder how it was for first century Christians. Has the human heart and condition changed at all? Leading by example scares me, but I just want to make it to heaven with the people that I love here on earth. I want to meet and love more people and bring them with me. I want to give, serve, and encourage but I’m a wretch. The enemy makes me feel like I’m unlovable and that God’s promises are too good to be true. Lord please help me to know better and do better.

I started a fast from Facebook this week, the plan is to go to God more instead of social media. Seeking validation in likes when I should be seeking the kingdom.  Connecting with people in real life offline….

Thanks for reading,


Gato Mighty